Diversity – Dubai

September 15, 2009

Diversity – Contemporary Art from Bahrein, Dubai, Syria Pakistan, India, and Germany.

Art is a powerful visual language, which speaks directly to the heart and soul of people. It transcends borders, space and time. It also contributes to a better understanding between cultures and nations.

The exhibition Diversity presents 20 artists from 5 countries: Bahrein, Dubai, Syria, Pakistan, India and Germany. Each of the artists deals with a different topic in his work and depicts it in a different way thus creating an autonomous visual world. They deal with their social, cultural, political and religious topics as well as with the experiences, feelings and emotions of their lives. The thematic context plays a role in the choice of the means, the composition of a picture, and the aesthetic criteria the artist is using. While they all come from different cultural backgrounds, their shared traditions, habits and rituals shine through in their work and reflect a similarity with the entire world of art. Their art demonstrates that their engagement, not only with their own culture but, with foreign cultures has gone an independent way. To better understand the selected works of art in this exhibition, it is helpful to ask what the artist is formally and thematically undertaking. Therefore it is illuminating to not just look at what is being depicted, but how it is being shown.

In this exhibition the visitor will find a number of different kinds of works: calligraphy, abstract compositions, still life as well as figurative works.