Legacies. A Shared History.

This group show, “Legacies – A Shared History,” surveys the engagement of contemporary artists from the Middle East who have liberated themselves to interpret, explore and present themes related to their personal experiences. Bringing together local artists who work across varying media, the exhibition depicts narratives of the cycle of their lives through imagery of their strength and resilience – both physical and cerebral. The artists share an interest in various forms of tradition, and collectively seek to engage audiences through their contemporary practices.

The works explore processes of rejuvenation and interpret concepts related to living unbounded lives. These works are simple yet complex and capture many forms and shapes through patterns which form effortless connections. Characterized by its distinct shapes and impressions, Mayasa’s work embodies an elegance and grace that is both subtle and bold while reflecting her experience as both a writer and a mixed media artist. For Hamed, nature is his main inspiration followed by his deep interesting philosophy and culture in general. Omar’s colours and textures havebeen deeply inspired by the heritage, history and traditions of his homeland. Balquees’ paintings revolve around the themes of belonging and memories of places. The movement in Lulwa’s canvasses creates a tranquil energy through textured brushstrokes. By having an exhibition of mostly abstracts, this show allows the viewer to interpret the works according to their own perspective and understanding, of a renowned culture different from one’s own.