Zain Kooheji

As someone who has always struggled with their identity, my artwork reflects the loss of identity and quest for individuality in this vastly modernizing world we live in. To me, architecture is the identity of a nation.

In this evolving world, there is a sense of disconnection between individuals, as if the changes occurring around us are colluding to aid the loss of culture. It hurts me to wwitness what with the marvels and creation of the previous nations, slowly and gradually, cultural identity is lost.

I realised how strongly my culture defines and represents me as an individual, and how I present myself. My artwork is an attempt to portray these colliding motions of identity and loss aiming to represent not only myself, but all of humanity.

I appreciate complex Islamic architectural features, from domes and pillars to archways and geometric patterns, these features all date back to 784 AD and preserve culture within it. As architecture is the identity of a nation it is therefore vital to nurture it.

As for my most recent project, I explored cultural identity by looking at the several aspects and comonents of Aratian culture; from the intricate architectural features, to family, tradition, fashion and language. For my paintings “Modernisation” and “Ruins”, I revealed the deterioration of Arabian architecture and added gothic features in my paintings to embody the overlap of existing culture.

My artwork is calculated; quite often, I let my paintings look slighly unfinished to leave my paintings with a sense of ambiguity to allow viewers to explore my work to their own extent. I want viewers to have a sense of purposefulness when looking at my paintings.