Salman Najem

A creative force, painter, sculptor, and designer from the Kingdom of Bahrain, I hold a BA Interior & Spatial from University of the Arts London, LCC and an MA in Fine Art from the Royal College of Art. I have had exhibitions around the world including Bahrain, London, Saudi Arabia and Milan.

I believe that it is the artist’s duty to spark a dialogue on the social issues that he or she is surrounded by. I believe that art sheds light on issues that are usually shied away from. My work does not abide to any specific model – my hand freely creates sketches derived from emotions, thought and questions, which I believe dwell deep within my subconscious mind. These sketches then go through study, refinement and selection to then be painted on canvas, allowing me a better understanding of my work and what I express.

Of the vayring themes I explore in my artistic practice, it is the theme of the human experience as it propel and pulls me into thinking about reasons for human existence, which is paramount. I explore this through critiquing society closely, by looking at luxury, wealth and materiality as I attempt to prove or disprove its validity and importance. The theme of human experience intertwinded with culture is another integral part of my work. Through this, I aim to redirect attention from mortal desires in the form of importance of social status, cultural stigma, westernisation vs modernisation, to the shedding of light on the beauty and importance of culture and traditions.

My work is also inspired by religion and the sublime, issues that I believe are of the utmost importance.